A new website for Virtualis!

June 25, 2024
June 25, 2024
Julie Maillard

So many changes around here!

Essential support to present our solutions to you, we could not miss the redesign of our website!

As part of the graphic evolution of Virtualis (article to check here), we decided to evolve our website to May it provide you with all the answers to your questions.

Smoother navigation, more modern ergonomics but above all lots of crucial information for your business. ‍

At Virtualis, we are convinced that Virtual Reality is your ally to support your practice.

This is why we wanted to present to you all its advantages within our solutions pages:

  • Physical therapy (PhysioVR)
  • Treatment of Balance/Vestibular disorders (BalanceVR)
  • Functional rehabilitation on static platforms (StaticVR)
  • Functional rehabilitation on dynamic platform (MotionVR)

It goes without saying that before starting your discovery, you absolutely must stop on the Why VR page in order to understand how useful this innovative tool can be to you.

At Virtualis we are a small team ( you will see it here) but we work every day with the same determination: to support you and offer, together, the best for your patients. You can also discover numerous testimonials right here. This website was designed for you, a bit like Virtualis in fact: solutions designed by Health Professionals, for Health Professionals. (We have not enabled comments at the moment but you can send us your impressions by just clicking here if you wish 😊)

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