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Here, we work seriously without taking ourselves seriously
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Patchwork photo équipe Virtualis avec objets rééducation et Réalité Virtuelle

Our values ​​can be counted on the fingers of one hand!

At Virtualis, we are moving forward with the same objective: to offer you effective therapeutic tools that correspond to your practice and also to simplify your life! Each member of the team plays a crucial role in achieving this objective. Whether we are an Editor, Trainer, Developer, Production Manager, Sales Manager, Trainer, dedicated to Quality, Administration or Marketing, we do everything we can every day to provide our know-how in the right way. mood !
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The future of rehabilitation is underway and they are the ones creating it:

We are proud to work within an involved, committed team that places innovation and customer satisfaction at the center of its concerns.

Franck Assaban
Kinésithérapeute - Fondateur, Président
Patricia Besson
Directrice Générale - Directrice Marketing
Laurent Froin
International Business Development - Associate
Laëtitia Gervais
Directrice Qualité et Affaires Réglementaires
Emmanuel Polo
Directeur Supply Chain et SAV
Stéphane Bogue
Chef des Ventes France
Julie Maillard
Responsable Marketing & Communication
Franz Gayet
Ergothérapeute - Consultant Formateur
Serge Vranckx
Kinésithérapeute - Consultant Formateur
Charles Destruys
Consultant Kinésithérapeute
Laurence Corporon
Office Manager Senior
Léni Fleith
Responsable MotionVR et Adjoint Gestion des stocks
Florian Rodriguez
Responsable SAV
Guilhem Trauchessec
Responsable Technique
Florentin Denis
Développeur Unity VR
Camille Bernadas
Développeur Unity VR
Arnaud Benet
Technicien Monteur et Installateur
Sébastien Carry
Technicien Monteur et Installateur
Elodie Garcia
Assistante Administrative et Comptable
Dylan Giamporcaro
Chargé de Marketing & Communication
Angela Julienne
PhD in Neurosciences - Doctorante

Working at Virtualis

Team spirit and kindness

One of Virtualis’ strengths is “collective” thinking. Mutual aid and solidarity are values ​​that push us to move forward, to give the best of ourselves.

Kindness also extends to ecology, not only with the very conscientious sorting of our waste but also by making our spaces as green as possible.

We are also part of a CSR approach by gradually implementing actions, small or large, to take care of our planet but also of our employees and our customers. For example, “green” modes of transport are rewarded and plants are increasingly flowering in our offices.

A bit like the young shoot that has become a beautiful plant :)


Expertise and quirky spirit, innovation and humor, strategy and perspective, the key word at Virtualis is adaptability!

Being agile also means being aware that to move our projects forward, we must both have a vision to long term but also react quickly, in all circumstances.

This agility allows us to innovate to continually optimize our various works.


Not a week goes by without something happening at Virtualis: we celebrate everything! Birthdays, diplomas, licenses, ... as long as it's a question of eating chocolate, we're there!

At lunchtime it's a baby tournament or neuron stimulation with a good Code Name, while others prepare an IRONMAN, a Tennis tournament or enjoy the beach!

(We're not going to lie, some also take naps but we decided that we wouldn't give any names)


We like to say that here "we work seriously without taking ourselves seriously": this implies that each person in the team strives for excellence every day in the missions entrusted to them while remaining available to help and while keeping a smile.

In short, at Virtualis we sometimes ask our colleagues to laugh a little less loudly, which, we are sure, is undeniable proof of the pleasure we have in coming to work.

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