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With Therapeutic Virtual Reality,
a solution developed by Healthcare Professionals
femme avec casque VR élastique et trackers pour faire exercice rééducation fonctionnelleJeune femme utilise casque VR pour exercice Rééducation fonctionnelle
Kiné chronomètre patiente pour exercice de rééducation avec casque VRUne flèche sous la photo d'un kiné qui effectue exercice Réalité Virtuelle avec patiente

Define the therapeutic objective

Your patients are more engaged in their own rehabilitation and you keep control of the therapeutic objective to be achieved.

The immersive experience of Virtual Reality combined with the wide range of rehabilitation exercises enable an increased motivation and faster and better recovery and outcomes.

Open the range of possibilities

A single tool, more than 80% of pathologies, wide range of applications.

Benefit from a variety of rehabilitation protocols, accurate assessments and fun and customizable exercises tailored to each patient.
Kiné propose exercice rééducation fonctionnelle à une patiente femme sur plateformes de rééducation StaticVRUne flèche sous une photo d'un kiné et d'une patiente sur des plateformes de force connectées à la VR
Une flèche sous une kiné et un patient senior homme avec casque VR pour exercice RééducationKiné et patient effectuent exercice avec contrôleurs et casque Réalité Virtuelle sur plateformes rééducation StaticVR
Clinics are equipped with our solutions
Patients treated in the world

Take your pratice to a next level

Therapeutic VR is an innovative and complementary medical device that highlights your expertise.

Measure, quantify, define the objectives according to your own protocols, your expertise.

Virtual Reality
for therapeutic purposes

A single tool to manage
more than 80% of your patients' pathologies

Therapeutic Virtual Reality

A single tool for more than 80% of your patients' pathologies

Why choosing us?

VR by Virtualis: a real benefit for the patient and the therapist
Therapeutic innovation developed by Health Professionals for Health Professionals
Immersive and fun entertaining dimension of VR (increased patient motivation and engagement)
Faster and sustainable outcomes
Real-time adaptation and easy to use
Better pain and Kinesiophobia management
Optimization and highlighting of your expertise (easy and fast reports, varied rehabilitation protocols, better planning management)
Une patiente équipée du casque de réalité virtuelle Virtualis en mouvement.

Our users’ feedback

Kinésithérapeute MKDE Thomas Rousset utilise la Réalité Virtuelle
Thomas Rousset

"VR has become essential in my daily life as a Physio. The possibilities and diversity of the solutions offered are impressive. Perfect for personalized work that complements usual techniques."

Orthoptiste Sylvie Périé utilise la Réalité Virtuelle
Sylvie Périé
Orthoptiste Catus

“A very friendly and very competent team. The equipment is designed to improve our care in a fun and pleasant way. Thank you!”

Photo de Muriel Cheron Kinésithérapeute MKDE à La Garde utilise la Réalité Virtuelle
Muriel Cheron
MKDE La Garde

“After more than a year of using Virtualis VR software, I am completely satisfied, I use VR almost every day with my patients, who are also delighted with this new technology!”

Benoît Faucher, Kinésithérapeute MKDE à Trentels utilise la Réalité Virtuelle
Benoit Faucher
MKDE Trentels

“Patients perceive Virtual Reality in a fun way.
It allows them to defocus from their pain and concentrate on their goal. This helps them a lot in treating pain.”

Laurent Antheunis Kinésithérapeute MKDE à Huelgoat utilise la Réalité Virtuelle thérapeutique
Laurent Antheunis
MKDE Huelgoat

“Virtualis solutions are very addictive professional tools which make it possible to playfully motivate and perform the patient in their treatment in a very precise way thanks to the various tests.”

Stéphanie Dehem Kinésithérapeute MKDE à Bruxelles utilise la Réalité Virtuelle
Stéphanie Dehem
MKDE Bruxelles

“Virtual Reality according to Virtualis has easily taken its place in our rehabilitation room. Therapists and patients are greatly satisfied with it! I clearly recommend the use of this technology in rehabilitation!”

Flèche Virtualis

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