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Kiné avec patiente et casque VR pour exercice de rééducation fonctionnelle sur plateforme de force dynamique MotionVR

Everything started in a PT practice…

Virtualis was born from the desire of Franck Assaban, Physiotherapist, to create innovative therapeutic tools to facilitate practice and improve the quality of care.

Accumulating years of experience in practice, Franck, in collaboration with scientific partners, explores the frontiers of new technologies and detects the extraordinary potential of VR in the field of rehabilitation and health in general.

In 2014, Franck Assaban became the first therapist in the world to design rehabilitation software using a VR headset. His determination led him to found Virtualis in May 2015 with an obsessive mission: to innovate to offer cutting-edge therapeutic solutions and improve patient care. Virtualis was then born, and the team grew from year to year with complementary skills which today made it such a unique and expert team in the field. Note that Franck's reputation extends beyond borders, thanks to his regular invitations to do some communications at international scientific conferences to present his work, demonstrate the therapeutic potential of Virtual Reality and share his expertise as a therapist.

Since its beginnings in 2015, Virtualis has evolved thanks to an active community of Healthcare Professionals using VR. All these users share their experiences, care protocols and best practices with us, with the common objective of continuously improving the care provided to patients. These Health Professionals make up the Virtualis Community, this community of users, regularly asked to carry out beta tests on new modules and tools. Virtualis is always willing to receive suggestions for improvement from its users. We will always take each of your feedback into account.

An internal Scientific Committee, made up of Physical Therapists, PT, and Occupational Therapists, OT, collaborates daily with users and scientific experts to improve existing modules, design new rehabilitation protocols and stimulate innovation in rehabilitation practice.

This internal committee supervises numerous scientific collaboration projects, such as the creation of a Sports Development Center, working for example on: the management of concussions in rugby, pre-season assessments and even the monitoring of basketball players to prevent injuries.

Virtualis is now surrounded by a host of Scientists in France and worldwide: Researchers, Universities, expert therapists, recognized trainers: each of them contributes to advancing research and patient care. Many Research institutions and hospitals around the world are also equipped with our VR solutions for the care of their patients. Since January 2023, Virtualis has joined the Danish Demant Group, one of the world leaders in the manufacturing of medical equipment, allowing Virtualis solutions to be available worldwide through the Interacoustics distribution network.

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