June 25, 2024
June 25, 2024
Julie Maillard

Our logo is evolving đŸ€©!

There's a wind of freshness and modernity blowing around here, don't you feel it? ‍

Virtualis develops innovative solutions at the cutting edge of technology, we had to do the same regarding our colors.

The Virtualis logo has thus been revised, we have changed the shade of blue, that of grey and, more difficult to to distinguish, that of orange!

Beyond modernity, why such a change? Our colors are now accessible on the Web side. This means that our website now guarantees optimal readability for all users, including people with color blindness or low vision. And that is important to us.

For many years we have given a special place to Humans. By choosing to address all of our users, we maintain our commitment to this inclusive spirit.

So yes, Virtualis is proud to present its new colors, its new logo, its new visuals, of course! But Virtualis is above all proud to participate in the well-being of everyone, in general. To find out more about our development, you can consult this article, dedicated to our new site 🙂

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